Apple Trees
Sun Pollinator

  • CARROLL red over light yellow, VG for eating fresh, ripens in August.Carroll apple 2014
  • GEMINI crisp, juicy, sweet; ripens late August; stores well.  (Dwarf available)
  • GOODLAND creamy yellow, partly splashed with bright red, very good for eating fresh, sauce and pie, excellent all-round good apple; ripens early September.  (Dwarf available)
  • HARALRED bright red, extremely good keeper, ripens late September.
  • HONEYCRISP-Med/large size fruit that is red over yellow; very crisp and juicy; great flavor; Stores well. Matures in late Sept.
  • NORKENT -large fruit, mild apple/pear taste, very hardy, stores well; ripens late August.
  • ODYSSEY –sweet flavor comparable to ‘Gala’ apple, ripens mid-Sept., stores well. (Dwarf available)
  • PRAIRIE MAGIC –med.-large fruit matures in mid-Sept., crisp and delicious. (Dwarf available) 
  • SNOWSWEET – has deliciously sweet, slightly tart taste, and is slow to oxidize when exposed to air. It has good disease resistance.
  • RED SPARKLE crisp, distinctive flavor, stores well; ripens late September.
  • TAYLOR’S PRIDE semi dwarf tree, medium sized fruit, good flavor, ripens mid-season.
  • WINTER CHEEKS – A Manitoba selection with medium sized fruit, ripens in mid-Sept. Fruit is crisp and delicious.