• BLACK ASH (NATIVE)  (50’x20′) native upright shade tree; grows in a wide range of soils; golden fall color.
  • FALLGOLD ASH (50’x20′) grafted, strong growing, hardy tree, leaves retained longer in the fall than most trees of this species, turning bright golden in the fall; seedless.

  • GREEN ASH (60’x30′) excellent boulevard and shade tree, very hardy and drought resistant, can tolerate a variety of soil types.
  • MANCHURIAN ASH  (40’x25’) grafted, a strong growing, outstanding shade tree, dense oval crown, tolerates drought and excess moisture, a great xeriscape plant.
  • Trees-Ash Morden GoldenMORDEN GOLDEN ASH (40’x20′) grafted, very compact shape, dark green leaves turn bright gold in the fall.
  • NORTHERN GEM ASH (50’X30′) cross between black and Manchurian ash; nice golden fall color.
  • NORTHERN TREASURE ASH (50’x30′) developed at Morden Research Center; orange-yellow fall color.
  • PATMORE ASH (50’x35′) grafted, beautiful hardy shade tree; shiny dark green leaves, seedless.

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