• CUTLEAF WEEPING BIRCH (40’x25′) one of the most graceful weeping specimens available, fine cut leaves and arching branches.
  • DAKOTA PINNACLE BIRCH  (30’x10’)  compact upright form, bark whitens with age, alkali tolerant.  The dark green foliage turns yellow in the fall.
  • PARKLAND PILLAR BIRCH (30’x9′) A columnar Asian white birch with dark green foliage which turns golden yellow in the fall.  Features attractive white bark throughout the year.
  • PRAIRIE DREAM BIRCH -(60’x35’) A selection of paper birch with snow-white peeling bark and gold fall color. More adaptable and stress-tolerant than the species, less susceptible to birch borer attack.
  • SILVER PAPER BIRCH (40’x30′) fast growing, white bark, golden fall color; available in single stem and clump form.