• SIBERIAN LARCH (50-60′) pyramidal shaped deciduous conifer. The soft needles are a delicate green in summer, and turn a bright golden yellow in fall.
  • WEEPING LARCH the height varies, depending on how it is grown; weeping larch will grow along the ground, but can be staked as high as you desire for a unique specimen tree.

Sun Part Shade


  • BLACK HILLS SPRUCE (35-40′)”Christmas” tree type evergreen, with short blue-green needles; best in full sun, but tolerates light shade.
  • COLUMNAR BLUE SPRUCE -(20×6’) A narrow, upright form with strong blue foliage.
  • COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE (50/65′) grown from seed, color ranges from green to deep greenish blue, very hardy.
  • CRYSTAL BLUE SPRUCE  (40’x30’)  Morden Nurseries selection from blue source, consistent blue color, dense foliage, very good disease resistance.Crystal Blue Spruce 2
  • FAT ALBERT SPRUCE (40’x20′) very dense, broad shape, blue needles; great feature tree.  This is a very slow growing tree.
  • Evergreen-Spruce Globe BlueGLOBE BLUE SPRUCE (3-4′) compact, globe shape, an outstanding dwarf spruce with blue foliage.
  • LITTLE GEM SPRUCE (1’x2′) extremely dwarf; very dense dark green foliage; ideal for rock gardens.Little Gem Spruce
  • Evergreens- Meyer SpruceMEYER SPRUCE -(30’x18’) Upright branching habit with blue-green needles. Tight compact form. Tolerates a wide range of soils including heavy, wet, and dry conditions.
  • MONTGOMERY BLUE -(7’) Broad conical evergreen with striking silvery-blue needles. A globe shape that develops a terminal leader as it matures. Slow growing.
  • NEST SPRUCE (3′) a dwarf spruce, ideal for rock gardens; dark green needles with a nest-like appearance.Evergreen-Spruce Nest
  • NORWAY SPRUCE (50’x25′) stately tree, pyramidal when young, becomes pendulous with age. Largest and fastest growing of the spruces; large cones.
  • Evergreen-Spruce OhlendorffiOHLENDORFFI SPRUCE (3′) a very dense, mounding shape with soft new growth; much hardier than dwarf Alberta spruce; no pruning necessary; also ideal for rock gardens.
  • ST. MARY’S BROOM-(2’x3’) Slow growing dwarf with mounding habit. Bright blue foliage.
  • WEEPING NORWAY SPRUCE size depends on how it is grown, strong weeping habit, long, slender and slightly twisted branches

Sun Part Shade

  • AUSTRIAN PINE  (40’X25’)  dense, stout pyramidal growth habit with a uniform crown, needles are stiff and dark green.
  • DWARF MUGHO PINE (4’X5′) dense, globe shape; excellent texture contrast.
  • EASTERN WHITE PINE  (50’x20’)  rapid growth when young, slowing with age. Oval to pyramidal crown maturing to a distinctive wind-blown look with ascending branches and upturned tips, needles are soft, flexible and blue-green.
  • MUGHO PINE (10’X8′)  dark green color year round; can be sheered to control size.
  • PONDEROSA PINE (30-40′) large long needled tree; large cones; furrowed orange brown bark.
  • SLOWMOUND MUGHO PINE a true dwarf mugho pine; no pruning required; dark green foliage; stays compact.
  • SWISS STONE PINE long, blue-green needles; will reach 40-50′ tall; dense columnar shape; slow growing; not prone to winter sun damage.
  • Evergreen-Pine ScotsSCOTS PINE (50′) fast growing, long blue-green needles; reddish bark.

Sun Part Shade


  • ANDORRA JUNIPER (2’x5′) gray green foliage turns purple in the fall, low spreading, tolerates light shade
  • ARCADIA JUNIPER-(2’x5’) Semi-spreading, lacy foliage, grassy green color remains through winter.
  • BAR HARBOUR JUNIPER– (10”x5’)bright silvery blue foliage in spring, turning a plum colored tinge in fall. Its extremely low growing nature makes it ideal as a groundcover or spilling over walls.
  • BLUE CHIP JUNIPER (1’x5′) compact ground cover, steel-blue foliage retains color all year.
  • BLUE DANUBE JUNIPER     (2’x4’”) semi-upright with blue green foliage.
  • BLUE FOREST JUNIPER(1’x3′) low growing, compact form; useful in smaller spaces.
  • BLUE PRINCE JUNIPER (6”x5′) rich powdery blue foliage, great contrasting ground cover.
  • BLUE RUG JUNIPER 4-6” tall, 3-5′ spread, dense mat of blue foliage; full/part sun.
  • BLUE STAR JUNIPER 2′ tall, mounded, bright, steel blue foliage, slow growing, full/part sun.
  • BROADMOOR JUNIPER  (1’x5′) dense, mounding juniper; bright green.
  • BUFFALO JUNIPER -(1’x5’) Bright green foliage with dense spreading form. Heavy producer of juniper berries.
  • CALGARY CARPET  JUNIPER (8-12”x5′) very soft green carpet, prefers drier soil.
  • DAUB’S FROSTED JUNIPER  Blue-green foliage, tips frosted with gold. Growth habit is low and spreading, very unique looking.
  • EFFUSA JUNIPER-(1’x5’) Hardy, low growing evergreen with wide spreading branches. Deep green, silvery-banded foliage is held on reddish stems. Tolerates heat and poor soils. Excellent groundcover.
  • GOLD COAST JUNIPER-(30”x5’) Moderate growing compact evergreen with graceful branching. Lacy golden foliage with green inside all year round, color deepens in winter. One of the showiest of all spreaders.
  • GOLDEN PFITZER JUNIPER-(3’x5’) Medium height spreader, gray-green foliage, new growth tips golden yellow.
  • GOLD STAR JUNIPER-(2’x5’) A compact version of Golden Pfitzer. Slower growth rate provides a more uniform shape.
  • Evergreen-Juniper HolgerHOLGER JUNIPER-(3’x4’) Densely branched spreading variety. Blue-green foliage with striking yellow new growth.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Icee BlueICEE BLUE JUNIPER  (4”x5’)  great groundcover with a full, dense crown of silver-blue foliage, great winter color.
  • MINT JULEP JUNIPER-(4’x5’) Compact evergreen shrub with fountain-like branching habit. Rich mint green foliage all year.
  • MOOR-DENSE JUNIPER  bright green foliage on this very low growing variety. Ideal for rock gardens and cascading over walls and planters.
  • OLD GOLD JUNIPER (2’x5′) best of the golden spreaders; excellent winter color.
  • PRINCE OF WALES JUNIPER (4-6”x5′) dense dark green ground cover, often has purplish tint in winter.
  • SAVIN JUNIPER – (3-4′) – vase shaped with dark green foliage.
  • SCANDIA JUNIPER (2’x5′) low; compact; soft, dark green foliage.
  • SEA GREEN JUNIPER-(3’x5’) Compact upward arching branches (fountain appearance) mint green color.
  • TAMARISCIFOLIA JUNIPER(18-24”x5′) tightly branched, blue green color, low spreading.

Upright Sun

  • BLUE ARROW JUNIPER (10′ tall, 2′ wide) dense pyramidal form, blue color.
  • MEDORA JUNIPER(12’x3′) slender, upright, steel blue foliage; slow growing.
  • Evergreen-Upright Juniper MoonglowMOONGLOW JUNIPER (12-15’x6′) silvery blue pyramidal shape; very dense and drought tolerant once established.
  • SKY ROCKET JUNIPER-(16’x3’) Narrow upright growth habit. Soft bluish-green foliage. Possibly the narrowest of all junipers.
  • WICHITA BLUE JUNIPER (10’x5′) broad pyramidal form, light blue foliage.


  • DWARF BALSAM FIR dwarf, slow growing, light green new growth contrasts with older needles.
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN DOUGLAS FIR -(66’x33’) A fast growing dense evergreen with soft needles and a pyramidal shape. Dark green foliage

Sun Part Shade

  • BOISBRIAND CEDAR -(9’x4’) This cedar maintains a densely conical egg-shape without pruning. Hardy and adaptable with dark green foliage.
  • BRANDON PYRAMIDAL CEDAR (15’x4′) – slender, compact, dense foliage, good accent or foundation plant.
  • DANICA CEDAR (12-15”) dense dwarf, smallest of the globes.
  • DEGROOT’S SPIRE CEDAR – slow growing, upright, narrow; dense, dark green foliage; unique twisted form.
  • HETZ MIDGET CEDAR (2×2′) very dwarf, compact globe.
  • HOLMSTRUPP CEDAR (8’x4′) very dense, compact pyramid shape, slow growing.
  • LITTLE GIANT CEDAR – (3’x3′) compact and very dense, perfect globe, never needs trimming.
  • SKYBOUND CEDAR (12’x4′) developed in Dauphin, similar to Brandon cedar; rich dark green foliage.
  • TECHNITO CEDAR-(6’x2 ½’) Forms a compact pyramidal outline. Dark green color retained through winter. Dense and requires less shearing.
  • TECHNY CEDAR -(13’x6’) Fast growing broadly based pyramidal shape with dark green foliage year round. Excellent for screens and borders. Very durable, one of the hardiest cedars.
  • WARES CEDAR  (8’x6′) dark green, large globe shape, heat tolerant, very hardy.
  • Evergreen-Cedar WoodwardWOODWARD CEDAR (5’x5′) perfect globe, never needs clipping, looks great in groups or planted in a large shrub bed.

Part Shade

Moist, well-drained soil

  • HICKS YEW-(10’x3’) A slow growing upright evergreen with dark green needled foliage. Slightly broader at center than at top or bottom.
  • JAPANESE YEW (5’x6′) bright green needle-like leaves, red ornamental fruit, arching branches.
  • MORDEN YEW -(3’x5’) Dark green foliage, spreading shape. Grow in sun or shade. Requires good drainage.
  • TAUNTON SPREADING YEW (4’x4′) a slow spreading, globe shaped evergreen; extremely resistant to winter burn.