Sun Part Shade

  • BOISBRIAND CEDAR -(9’x4’) This cedar maintains a densely conical egg-shape without pruning. Hardy and adaptable with dark green foliage.
  • BRANDON PYRAMIDAL CEDAR (15’x4′) – slender, compact, dense foliage, good accent or foundation plant.
  • DANICA CEDAR (12-15”) dense dwarf, smallest of the globes.
  • DEGROOT’S SPIRE CEDAR – slow growing, upright, narrow; dense, dark green foliage; unique twisted form.
  • HETZ MIDGET CEDAR (2×2′) very dwarf, compact globe.
  • HOLMSTRUPP CEDAR (8’x4′) very dense, compact pyramid shape, slow growing.
  • LITTLE GIANT CEDAR – (3’x3′) compact and very dense, perfect globe, never needs trimming.
  • SKYBOUND CEDAR (12’x4′) developed in Dauphin, similar to Brandon cedar; rich dark green foliage.
  • TECHNITO CEDAR-(6’x2 ½’) Forms a compact pyramidal outline. Dark green color retained through winter. Dense and requires less shearing.
  • TECHNY CEDAR -(13’x6’) Fast growing broadly based pyramidal shape with dark green foliage year round. Excellent for screens and borders. Very durable, one of the hardiest cedars.
  • WARES CEDAR  (8’x6′) dark green, large globe shape, heat tolerant, very hardy.
  • Evergreen-Cedar WoodwardWOODWARD CEDAR (5’x5′) perfect globe, never needs clipping, looks great in groups or planted in a large shrub bed.