Sun Part Shade

  • AUSTRIAN PINE  (40’X25’)  dense, stout pyramidal growth habit with a uniform crown, needles are stiff and dark green.
  • DWARF MUGHO PINE (4’X5′) dense, globe shape; excellent texture contrast.
  • EASTERN WHITE PINE  (50’x20’)  rapid growth when young, slowing with age. Oval to pyramidal crown maturing to a distinctive wind-blown look with ascending branches and upturned tips, needles are soft, flexible and blue-green.
  • MUGHO PINE (10’X8′)  dark green color year round; can be sheered to control size.
  • PONDEROSA PINE (30-40′) large long needled tree; large cones; furrowed orange brown bark.
  • SLOWMOUND MUGHO PINE a true dwarf mugho pine; no pruning required; dark green foliage; stays compact.
  • SWISS STONE PINE long, blue-green needles; will reach 40-50′ tall; dense columnar shape; slow growing; not prone to winter sun damage.
  • Evergreen-Pine ScotsSCOTS PINE (50′) fast growing, long blue-green needles; reddish bark.