Sun Part Shade


  • BLACK HILLS SPRUCE (35-40′)”Christmas” tree type evergreen, with short blue-green needles; best in full sun, but tolerates light shade.
  • COLUMNAR BLUE SPRUCE -(20×6’) A narrow, upright form with strong blue foliage.
  • COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE (50/65′) grown from seed, color ranges from green to deep greenish blue, very hardy.
  • CRYSTAL BLUE SPRUCE  (40’x30’)  Morden Nurseries selection from blue source, consistent blue color, dense foliage, very good disease resistance.Crystal Blue Spruce 2
  • FAT ALBERT SPRUCE (40’x20′) very dense, broad shape, blue needles; great feature tree.  This is a very slow growing tree.
  • Evergreen-Spruce Globe BlueGLOBE BLUE SPRUCE (3-4′) compact, globe shape, an outstanding dwarf spruce with blue foliage.
  • LITTLE GEM SPRUCE (1’x2′) extremely dwarf; very dense dark green foliage; ideal for rock gardens.Little Gem Spruce
  • Evergreens- Meyer SpruceMEYER SPRUCE -(30’x18’) Upright branching habit with blue-green needles. Tight compact form. Tolerates a wide range of soils including heavy, wet, and dry conditions.
  • MONTGOMERY BLUE -(7’) Broad conical evergreen with striking silvery-blue needles. A globe shape that develops a terminal leader as it matures. Slow growing.
  • NEST SPRUCE (3′) a dwarf spruce, ideal for rock gardens; dark green needles with a nest-like appearance.Evergreen-Spruce Nest
  • NORWAY SPRUCE (50’x25′) stately tree, pyramidal when young, becomes pendulous with age. Largest and fastest growing of the spruces; large cones.
  • Evergreen-Spruce OhlendorffiOHLENDORFFI SPRUCE (3′) a very dense, mounding shape with soft new growth; much hardier than dwarf Alberta spruce; no pruning necessary; also ideal for rock gardens.
  • ST. MARY’S BROOM-(2’x3’) Slow growing dwarf with mounding habit. Bright blue foliage.
  • WEEPING NORWAY SPRUCE size depends on how it is grown, strong weeping habit, long, slender and slightly twisted branches