Blueberries prefer to be planted in acidic soil.  Add peat moss to help lower the pH of your soil.

  • BLUE CROP BLUEBERRIES -Midseason. Upright, vigorous, and very productive. Large and flavorful light blue fruit.
  • CHIPPEWA BLUEBERRIES – compact grower with a mature height of 3’, berries are large and very light blue in color, its sweet taste makes it an excellent edible variety.
  • DUKE BLUEBERRIES– early ripening, high yields of uniform sized, quality fruit, highbush
  • NORTH BLUE BLUEBERRIES –  20-30” tall, large fruit, leaves turn bright red in fall, self-fruitful.
  • PATRIOT BLUEBERRIES – Fruit is large and firm. The berry is formed in tight clusters and is flatter than other cultivars. Ripens early. Excellent flavor. Bush is upright, open, and vigorous. 4’ tall.