(plant 12-18” apart)

  • BLACK RASPBERRY large, sweet, firm, glossy black fruit, excellent for eating, jam and freezing.
  • BOYNE RASPBERRIES vigorous and productive, excellent large berry.
  • DOUBLE DELIGHT RASPBERRIES large fruit from mid-August to frost. Responds well to complete cane removal in fall; large fruit, sweet taste, upright plant exceeds 4′.
  • HONEYQUEEN RASPBERRIES ever bearing, large, yellow fruit, very sweet, excellent for eating and jam.
  • KILLARNEY RASPBERRIES- The hardiest raspberry we know of, disease-resistant and bears medium-sized, very bright red berries. Good flavor and freezing qualities. Ripens early and bears for 4-5 weeks. Recommended for colder climates. 4-5’ tall and 2-3’ wide.