(5-6’ apart)

  • HONEYWOOD SASKATOON large fruit, excellent flavor, later flowering variety.
  • MARTIN SASKATOON largest fruit available, compact form, heavy producer, mild sweet flavor.
  • NATIVE SASKATOON -(10’x6’) It is extremely adaptable and grows under a wide range of environmental conditions. Saskatoon plants begin to bear fruit when they are two to four years old. Self-fertile.
  • NELSON SASKATOON -(5’x5’) Late blooming variety, produces lovely fruit with a reduced number of seeds. Compact plant exhibits excellent hardiness.
  • NORTHLINE SASKATOON large fruit, excellent flavor, compact bush.
  • PARKHILL SASKATOON -(5’) A dwarf cultivar grown for fruit of mild flavor, even ripening, and ornamental characteristics.
  • REGENT SASKATOON -(6’x5’) A compact, upright shrub with showy white flowers in spring followed by delicious berries in June that are great for pies, jams and fresh eating. This is a self-pollinating variety, so it doesn’t require a second plant nearby to set fruit.
  • SMOKY SASKATOON productive, large fruit with excellent flavor.
  • THIESSEN SASKATOON early flowering variety, large fruit has a mild sweet flavor.