• Roses-Canadian Artist Series Bill Reid RoseBILL REID ROSE -(3’) The latest in the Canadian Artist Series. Yellow rose, compact plant.
  • Roses-Canadian Artist Series CampfireCAMPFIRE ROSE -(3’) The latest in the Canadian Artist Rose Series.  Tri-colored (pink, white, & yellow) flowers.  Great bloomer with very good disease resistance.
  • CANADIAN SHIELD – (1.5m x 1.2m) Canadian Shield made its debut in time for Canada’s 150th birthday.  The rose has also been named Canada Blooms’ 2017 Plant of the Year.  Canadian Shield has low-maintenance traits and visual appeal that consumers love in landscape roses.
  • EMILY CARR ROSE-(3′) (Canadian Artist Series) deep red double flowers.  Lots of blooms,  great disease resistance.
  • FELIX LECLERC ROSE (Canadian Artist Series) deep pink double flowers, can be used as a climber.  Great bloomer with very good disease resistance.
  • NEVER ALONE ROSE – (2’x2′) A unique Canadian rose from the program in Morden.  The 4-5cm flowers are stunning with deep red edges and vibrant white centers.  The CFL Alumni Association has joined with the Never Alone Foundation and the CNLA to introduce this rose in Canada as a way to raise funds for the Foundation and for the CNLA’s Heritage Fund.
  • OLDS COLLEGE ROSE – (2′ x 3′) A hardy rose from the program in Morden.  Blooms are apricot in colour, double-petalled, and produced on new wood from June to September.
  • OSCAR PETERSON(3-6’x4′) upright in habit with clean, glossy foliage. The large semi-double flowers are cream coloured in bud, opening to a pure white with a centre of yellow stamens.

Tender Roses

We offer a large selection of floribunda, grandiflora, and hybrid tea roses. The varieties available will vary from year to year. We chose the varieties that have the best rating for blooming and disease resistance. Check our greenhouse for the latest!
For grafted roses, place the graft 2-3”below soil level when planting.
For winter protection, cut back roses and mound the base up 6” with soil or peat moss.  Additional mulch such as leaves can be placed on top of this. This must be removed in spring.

Shrub Roses

  • HANSA ROSE (ROSE 5’x3′) large, double, purplish-red strongly fragrant blooms; large red rose hips and attractive fall foliage; recurrent bloomer.
  • NEVER ALONE ROSE – a continuous bloomer with fully double deep red blooms with a white centre that rests atop dark clean glossy foliage.  Ideal for patio pots or front borders.  Royalties go to the ‘Never Alone Foundation’ to assist families and individuals that have been affected by cancer.  30″x 30″, blooms July-September (zone3)Never alone rose1
  • RED-LEAF ROSE ROSE (grows 5′) clear pink flowers with contrasting reddish-purple leaves.
  • PERSIAN YELLOW ROSE (grows 5-6′ tall), double bright yellow blooms; one time bloomer on last year’s wood; very hardy.
  • THERESE BUGNET ROSE (5-6′ x 3′) dbl. pink flowers, reddish bark; extremely hardy; orange rose hips; fragrant.

Parkland Series


  • CUTHBERT GRANT ROSE (P) (3’x2′) double deep dark velvety red blooms, good cut flower, fragrant.
  • HOPE FOR HUMANITY ROSE (P) (grows 3′) dbl, deep dark red flowers, named for the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Red Cross Society, slightly fragrant, ever-blooming.
  • MORDEN BELLE ROSE (3’x3′) medium pink double blooms, glossy green foliage, disease resistant.
  • MORDEN BLUSH ROSE (grows 2-3′) double blooms in a delicate ivory pink, slight fragrance, ever-blooming, an outstanding shrub.
  • MORDEN SNOW BEAUTY ROSE (3’x3′) pink tinged buds open to masses of large pure white single flowers; ever-blooming.
  • MORDEN SUNRISE ROSE (grows 3’x3′) yellow with pink undertones, fruity fragrance, repeat bloomer.
  • PRAIRIE JOY ROSE (4’x3′) very attractive foliage with abundant bright pink double flowers, slight fragrance, resistant to rust, mildew, and black spot.
  • WINNIPEG PARKS ROSE (P) bright fuschia-red double rose, slightly fragrant, ever blooming, very attractive dark green foliage, (grows 2 ½ ‘ tall and wide).

Explorer Series


  • HENRY KELSEY ROSE (6’x5′) clusters of red flowers with a spicy fragrance, can be used as a climber.
  • J.P. CONNEL ROSE (grows 3-4′) lemony-yellow to creamy yellow when open, flowers in June, recurrent blooming the rest of the season.
  • JOHN CABOT ROSE (8’x6′) climbing rose, red double blooms, fragrant, very hardy repeat bloomer.