• American Dream Linden (49′ x 26′) A selection of the species with consistently darker foliage through the season. Compact and uniform appearance when mature. Zone 2.
  • AMERICAN LINDEN (Basswood)- (60’x40′) broad heart shaped leaves, makes a dense shade tree, grows tall and straight
  • DROPMORE LINDEN (50’x30′) grafted; this is a beautiful hardy linden tree, the large leaves of this excellent hybrid are immune to mites and leaf spot diseases
  • GLENLEVEN LINDEN -(40’X30’) A fast growing hybrid with a straight trunk and large leaves. Attractive pyramidal form. Golden fall foliage color.
  • GREEN SPIRE LINDEN (40’x25′) neat compact boulevard tree, fast growing.
  • HARVEST GOLD LINDEN (40’x25′) golden yellow fall color, upright oval form.
  • Trees-Linden Little LeafLITTLE LEAF LINDEN (40’x30′) a very dense and compact tree, disease free and one of the best for thriving under city conditions; hardy with fragrant flowers and dark foliage.
  • TRUE NORTH LINDEN (50’x20′) upright crown; whitish bark darkening with age.