Nut Trees

All of our nut trees have been grown from the nuts of local trees!

  • BLACK WALNUT  (35’x20′) large, wide crowned ornamental tree; the wood from this tree is highly valuable; nuts are sweet and oily; foliage sometimes turns orange-yellow in fall.
  • HAZELNUT-(6’) Rounded shrub with heart-shaped dark foliage. Edible nuts. (Zone 2).
  • BUTTERNUT (35’x20′) looks similar to black walnut, but is a smaller tree; makes a good climbing tree for kids; the squirrels love the sweet, oily nuts.
  • MANCHURIAN WALNUT (40’x25′) large, sturdy ornamental tree, adaptable to different soil types; cone shaped edible fruit.
  • OHIO BUCKEYE (25’x20′) spectacular tree, very attractive foliage often turns red and orange in fall; squirrels love the spiny ornamental nuts.