• BLUE FOX WILLOW-(3’X3’) Dwarf shrub with intense blue-grey foliage.
  • DWARF ARCTIC BLUE LEAF WILLOW-(3’x4’) Unusual blue, fine textured foliage. Twigs turn purple in winter.
  • FLAME WILLOW -(13’x10’) Bright orange-red branches. Foliage is golden in fall.
  • FLAMINGO WILLOW – (3’x4’) This rounded, spreading shrub produces beautiful pink variegated foliage all season long. In the spring, before it leafs out, hundreds of slender catkins are produced.


  • SNOW DAY SURPRISE PEARL BUSH – (3-4’) Large white blooms cover this plant in a flood of spring flowers. This strong grower has a neat, compact habit and is an excellent plant for the spring landscape.


  • BAILEY COMPACT AMUR MAPLE -(8’x8’) Finer branched, more compact form of Amur Maple with fragrant flowers and terrific orange-scarlet fall color. Dense, compact, rounded shape.


  • ROYAL STAR – Medium sized shrub has a compact, rounded form; produces fragrant white flowers with strap-like petals in spring. (zone4)


  • EMERALD ‘N GOLD EUONYMUS – Deep green leaves edged with pure gold; Develops into a dense shrub that is low-spreading. (zone4)
  • EMERALD GAIETY EUONYMUS -(2’) The evergreen foliage is deep green with an irregular white margin which can take on a pink tinge for the winter. Low-growing, irregular growth habit.


  • YUCCA GLAUCA (1½’ tall and wide) narrow, stiff evergreen leaves, spikes of greenish white flowers in summer; low grower; accent plant; prefers sunny, well-drained site.

Sun Part Shade

  • CENTENNIAL WEIGELA (5′ tall, 3′ wide); bright pink, trumpet shaped flowers in spring.
  • CARNIVAL WEIGELA -(4’x3’) Showy pink white and red flowers. Bright green foliage. (Zone 4).
  • GHOST WEIGELA -(4’) Buttery foliage becomes somewhat iridescent as summer heat comes. Dark, reddish-pink blooms.
  • JAVA RED WEIGELA -(3’x4’) Compact mounded form with deep green foliage flushed with red all season long. Flowers buds are red, opening to dark pink flowers in May and June. (Zone 4).
  • MIDNITE WINE WEIGELA (18” tall, 2′ wide); dwarf form of ‘Wine and Roses’, burgundy foliage, rosy-pink flowers. (zone 4)
  • MINUET WEIGELA (2½’ tall, 2-3′ wide) dwarf compact, rounded, purple/red flowers, foliage is green with purple tint.
  • MY MONET WEIGELA exciting new variety with green, pink and cream foliage, and rich pink flowers. Ht. 12” x 12” (zone 4)
  • POLKA WEIGELA -(3’x4’) Attractive clear pink flowers. Profuse bloomer. Compact grower with thick, dark green leaves.
  • Shrubs-Weigela Red PrinceRED PRINCE WEIGELA (4′ tall, 4′ wide); bright red, trumpet shaped flowers in spring, should be planted in a protected area.
  • Shrubs-Weigela RumbaRUMBA WEIGELA (3′ tall, 3′ wide); compact shrub, dark red flowers from June to September; foliage is green with a bronzy-purple tinge.
  • TANGO WEIGELA -(2-2½’) Compact bushy habit with standout purple foliage. Red flowers with a yellow throat. Zone 4. Plant in a sheltered spot.
  • WINE AND ROSES WEIGELA (4’tall, 4’wide) Rosy pink flowers, burgundy purple foliage, great contrast! (zone 4)

Sun Part Shade Shade

  • BLUE MUFFIN VIBURNUM  (3’x3′) compact, produces masses of white flowers in late spring, blue berries in fall, reddish fall foliage.
  • Shrubs-Viburnum Dwarf European CranberryDWARF EUROPEAN CRANBERRY (1-1½ ft. tall & wide) dense dark green foliage, compact shape.
  • DWARF AMERICAN CRANBERRY (3-4′ tall and wide) – compact shrub with brilliant red fall color, shade tolerant.
  • EMERALD TRIUMPH WAYFARING TREE-(5-6’ tall and wide) More compact, rounded habit than Wayfaring tree. Creamy, flat-topped flowers in spring. Red-black fruit in fall.
  • GARRY PINK VIBURNUM (8’x5′) clusters of pink flowers in June followed by bright red berries; intense fall color.
  • HIGHBUSH CRANBERRY (10’x6′) very hardy beautiful shrub with white flower clusters, followed by clusters of red, edible berries; dark green lobed leaves, attractive fall color.
  • MOHICAN VIBURNUM (6’x6′) compact form of the Wayfaring Tree.
  • NANNYBERRY (10’x8′) attractive native shrub with white flowers, edible black berries, and green foliage turns purplish red in the fall; can be pruned to form a small tree.
  • Shrubs-Viburnum OnandagaONANDAGA VIBURNUM (5’x5′) globe shape shrub with purple-tinged green leaves; unique purple/red and white flower clusters.
  • REDWING CRANBERRY-(8’) Upright, rounded shrub with white flowers. Ornamental clusters of bright red fruit from late fall through early winter. A heavy producer.
  • SNOWBALL VIBURNUM (8’x6′) most known for its showy snowball-like white flower clusters in June; dark green leaves often turn a deep red in fall, can be trimmed into tree form.
  • VARIEGATED WAYFARING TREE-(8’x8’) One of the most unique accent shrubs. The coarse fuzzy foliage of this selection is mottled in white. White capped-flowers produce red fruit that quickly fades to black. Shrubby habit.
  • WAYFARING TREE (6’x5′) large white flowers; berries change from red to black; large dark green leaves often turn purple in the fall; this is a tough, low maintenance shrub.
  • WENTWORTH CRANBERRY-(10’) Heavy fruiting selection. Large red fruit is good for making preserves.

Sun Part Shade Shade

  • PINK CASCADE TAMARISK (3-5’x3-5’)  this beautiful shrub produces rosy flower spikes for over a month in summer. The fine textured foliage grows in an upright spreading form.
  • SUMMER GLOW TAMARISK -(12’x9’) A stunning shrub for textural effect. Featuring extremely fine and wispy foliage and fuzzy rosy pink flowers throughout summer. Very vigorous, loose and open; extremely tolerant of dry, alkaline or salty soils.

Sun Part Shade

  • GRO-LOW SUMAC (2½’x5′); compact, low growing plant, excellent for mass planting or erosion control; yellow, scented blooms in late spring, good red color in fall.
  • SMOOTH SUMAC (10’x10′)  Morden selection; attractive red seed heads; xeriscape plant.
  • STAGHORN SUMAC (9’x10′) greenish flowers, long, lacy leaves on thick, velvety stems; tight clusters of crimson berries in fall, xeriscape plant.
  • TIGER EYES SUMAC (6’x6′) during the summer this shrub has beautiful finely cut golden leaves with reddish stems, with the color changing to shades of yellow, orange, and scarlet in the fall.(zone 4)