• AUREA NANA BARBERRY – (2’x2’) Intensely-colored golden leaves manage to hold their stunning attractiveness throughout the spring, summer and fall, turning deeper gold, then copper and finally deep red as the brilliant red berries appear.
  • ROYAL BURGUNDY BARBERRY (3’x3′) dark maroon foliage on a compact, thorny shrub
  • CHERRY BOMB BARBERRY  (2½’x2½’) deep crimson foliage, compact, bright red berries in fall and winter.
  • ROSE GLOW BARBERRY (3’x3′) mottled foliage, maturing to deep maroon, bright red berries in fall and winter.Rose glow barberry
  • ROYAL CLOAK BARBERRY  (3-4’)  this large shrub has attractive red-purple leaves on arching stems. Plants are fountain shaped.
  • RUBY CAROUSEL BARBERRY  (3’x3’)  This showy reddish-purple compact shrub does best in full sun, compact form.
  • GOLDEN NUGGET BARBERRY  (2’x2′) very dwarf mounding; bright green foliage; turns orange in fall.
  • SUNSATION BARBERRY (3’X3′) dwarf, golden foliage throughout the season.
  • CONCORDE BARBERRY – (2’x3’) dwarf barberry with velvet purple foliage; Tolerates dry soils.
  • EMERALD CAROUSEL BARBERRY – (4-5’x4-5’) A hybrid barberry with rounded shape and arching branches; Outstanding orange-red fall foliage; Prefers full sun.
  • JADE CAROUSEL BARBERRY – (3’x3-5’) Uniform and dense green foliage with a compact habit; Scarlet-orange fall color is complemented by red berries that persist into winter; Prefers full sun.