Sun Part Shade

  • CREAM CRACKER DOGWOOD  (4-5’x4-5′)  green leaves with creamy colored margins on the older growth. New growth is green with golden yellow margins, very compact form.
  • Shrubs-Dogwood Golden VariegatedGOLDEN VAR. DOGWOOD (5’x5′) bright green leaves with creamy yellow edges, clusters of white berries, good contrast shrub.
  • IVORY HALO DOGWOOD (5’x5’) compact form of silver variegated dogwood, branches retain deep red color well during the winter.
  • Shrubs-Dogwood KesselringKESSELRING DOGWOOD (5’x5′) purple tinged green leaves, whitish-blue berries; good contrast shrub for all seasons.
  • PAGODA DOGWOOD (12’x10′) branches grow in irregular tiers, forming a small tree; blue-black berries follow creamy flowers; green foliage often turns red in fall; adaptable to sun or shade.
  • Shrubs-Dogwood Prairie FirePRAIRIE FIRE DOGWOOD (6’x5′) golden yellow foliage, red stem, good contrast shrub.
  • SIBERIAN PEARLS DOGWOOD-(5’x5’) Compact form. Green foliage turning purple in fall
  • SIBERIAN RED DOGWOOD (6’x5′) bright red bark, green leaves turn red in fall, white spring flowers; berries vary from bright blue to bright white; excellent winter contrast shrub.
  • RED OSIER DOGWOOD -(6’x6’) Upright, spreading form. Profuse, showy flowers in spring are followed by clusters of bluish-white berries lasting into fall. Attractive red stems.
  • SILVER AND GOLD DOGWOOD  (6’x5′) golden yellow stems complimented with silver and green variegated leaves.
  • SILVER VAR DOGWOOD  (6’x5′) foliage is silvery-green with a cream edge; branches are dark red, a good contrast shrub.
  • YELLOW TWIG DOGWOOD (5’x6′) brilliant yellow stems give this neat growing plant a home in your landscape.