Sun Part Shade

  • AMERICAN ELDER  (9’x9′) large shrub produces white flowers (up to 8” across!), followed by blue-black edible berries (can be used to make pies or wine!); very adaptable to a variety of soil conditions.
  • BLACK BEAUTY ELDER (9’x6′) dark purple leaves; flowers pink in June; sweet fragrance. (Zone 4)
  • BLACK LACE ELDER  (5’x5’)  very finely cut purple black foliage and soft pink flowers for contrast. The unique foliage almost gives it a similar form to a Japanese Maple, thrives in full sun in a variety of applications. (zone 4)
  • GOLDENLOCKS ELDER (4’x4′) lacy golden foliage, compact; limited supply.
  • GOLDEN SUTHERLAND ELDER (9’x6′) finely cut bright yellow foliage, creamy-white flowers in spring, red berries in summer; excellent contrast.
  • GUINCHO PURPLE ELDER (5’x5’) this cultivar’s foliage emerges as dark purple in spring, fades to dark green in summer then darkens to purple in fall. Creamy white blooms in June. (zone 4)
  • MADONNA ELDER (6’x5′) variegated dark green leaves with creamy edges; scented white flowers, small black berries; also makes a good contrast shrub.
  • MORDEN GOLDEN GLOW ELDER – (5-6’x5-6’) similar to Sutherland Golden, but with improved form and color; branching is denser and overall size is slightly smaller.