Sun Part Shade

  • ARNOLD RED HONEYSUCKLE (8’x6′) bluish-green foliage with dark red flowers, followed by bright red berries; a good xeriscape plant.
  • BUSH HONEYSUCKLE (3½’x3½’) spring foliage is green with a tinge of bronze; tiny yellow flowers appear in early summer; burgundy-red fall color; no berries, hardy and adaptable.
  • Shrubs-Honeysuckle MiniglobeMINIGLOBE HONEYSUCKLE (3’x3′) compact shrub with dense, green foliage, yellow flowers in May, red berries in fall, forms a flattened globe shape, very hardy.
  • SWEETBERRY HONEYSUCKLE (5’x5′) very hardy compact shrub with cream-colored flowers and dark blue berries; very dense bright green foliage.
  • COOL SPLASH HONEYSUCKLE – (30”x30”) densely branched shrub with variegated green and white leaves; bunches of yellow blossoms in June and July. easy to grow in a variety of soils.