Sun Part Shade

A) fragrant, early flowering

  • BEAUTY OF MOSCOW  LILAC (8’X5’)  panicles of double, delicate pale pink flowers that turn white with maturity. Stunning in bloom.
  • BELLE DE NANCY LILAC -(8’x5’) Purple red buds open to panicles of double pink blooms.
  • CHARLES JOLY LILAC   (8’x6’)  double red
  • LUDWIG SPAETH LILAC -(10’x8’) Long fragrant single reddish-purple spikes of flowers. Bluish-green foliage.
  • MADAME LEMOINE LILAC   (8’X8’) double white
  • PRAIRIE PETITE LILAC -(4’x3’) Dense, compact growth habit. Upright trusses of fragrant, single blooms in May.
  • SENSATION LILAC   single purple flowers with a white edge
  • SISTER JUSTINA LILAC -(12’x9’) Upright panicles of fragrant snow-white flowers in early spring. Upright growing shrub.
  • WONDERBLUE LILAC -(4’x5’) Compact grower has single, sky blue flowers. Blooms in May.

B) hybrid, late flowering, non-suckering:

  • CHARISMA  LILAC (2½’x2½’) dense, very compact growth habit;, purple flowers.
  • BLOOMERANG LILAC -(4’x4’) Dwarf lilac with improved flower color and re-blooming habit. Compact. Resistance to mildew and other leaf diseases. Blooms June and August.
  • DONALD WYMAN LILAC -(8-10’x6-8’) Panicles of purple buds open to red-purple flowers. Non-suckering.
  • LITTLE LEAF LILAC  (5’x5′) also known as Dwarf Korean, compact, mauve-pink flowers.
  • MISS CANADA LILAC (8’x6′) clear bright pink.
  • MISS KIM LILAC (5’x4′) icy blue, fragrant flowers, compact leaves turn purplish-red in the fall.
  • MINUET LILAC (6’x5′) compact plant, pink flowers.
  • ROYALTY LILAC (8’x6′) deep purple, single flowers.
  • TINKERBELL LILAC -(5’x4’) Compact upright plant has wine-red buds opening to single deep pink flowers with spicy fragrance. Glossy green small pointed foliage.
  • VILLOSA LILAC (8-10′) lavender flowers, good for hedging.
  • WHITE PRESTON LILAC -(10’x10’) A very attractive lilac absolutely smothered in dense upright panicles of lightly fragrant white flowers in late spring. Non-suckering.

C) American Lilacs, early blooming, non-suckering, floriferous and fragrant:

  • Shrubs-Lilac (C) PocohontasPOCAHONTAS LILAC   (10’x10’)  single, deep violet flowers, profuse bloomer, excellent vigor, flowers earlier than French hybrids. F.L. Skinner hybrid.
  • DAPPLED DAWN LILAC – (10’X6’) Variegated green and gold foliage gives this lilac a different look; Looks great when planted with dark colored foliage plants nearby; Single lilac flowers.