Sun Part Shade

  • CENTENNIAL WEIGELA (5′ tall, 3′ wide); bright pink, trumpet shaped flowers in spring.
  • CARNIVAL WEIGELA -(4’x3’) Showy pink white and red flowers. Bright green foliage. (Zone 4).
  • GHOST WEIGELA -(4’) Buttery foliage becomes somewhat iridescent as summer heat comes. Dark, reddish-pink blooms.
  • JAVA RED WEIGELA -(3’x4’) Compact mounded form with deep green foliage flushed with red all season long. Flowers buds are red, opening to dark pink flowers in May and June. (Zone 4).
  • MIDNITE WINE WEIGELA (18” tall, 2′ wide); dwarf form of ‘Wine and Roses’, burgundy foliage, rosy-pink flowers. (zone 4)
  • MINUET WEIGELA (2½’ tall, 2-3′ wide) dwarf compact, rounded, purple/red flowers, foliage is green with purple tint.
  • MY MONET WEIGELA exciting new variety with green, pink and cream foliage, and rich pink flowers. Ht. 12” x 12” (zone 4)
  • POLKA WEIGELA -(3’x4’) Attractive clear pink flowers. Profuse bloomer. Compact grower with thick, dark green leaves.
  • Shrubs-Weigela Red PrinceRED PRINCE WEIGELA (4′ tall, 4′ wide); bright red, trumpet shaped flowers in spring, should be planted in a protected area.
  • Shrubs-Weigela RumbaRUMBA WEIGELA (3′ tall, 3′ wide); compact shrub, dark red flowers from June to September; foliage is green with a bronzy-purple tinge.
  • TANGO WEIGELA -(2-2½’) Compact bushy habit with standout purple foliage. Red flowers with a yellow throat. Zone 4. Plant in a sheltered spot.
  • WINE AND ROSES WEIGELA (4’tall, 4’wide) Rosy pink flowers, burgundy purple foliage, great contrast! (zone 4)