• BLACK NANKING CHERRY makes excellent jelly and is also good for fresh eating; requires pollination from red variety.
  • CARMINE JEWEL CHERRY (grows 6-8′) dark red fruit, 2-3cm fruit, great for cooking; self-pollinating.
  • CHERRY CUPID  (grows 6-8’) large, dark red fruit has good flavor, excellent for fresh eating or processing, blooms one week later than other Sask. cherries, self-pollinating.
  • CRIMSON PASSION-Highest sugar content. Excellent fresh eating cherry. Large 3-4cm dark red fruit. Self-pollinating. Non-suckering.
  • EVANS CHERRY (10-12’) large sweet red multipurpose fruit, self-pollinating.
  • JULIET CHERRY (grows 6-8’) excellent for fresh eating, fruit is dark red with a high sugar content, self-pollinating, U. of Sask. intro
  • Fruit-Cherry NankingNANKING CHERRY a bushy plant, vigorous, hardy and annually productive, fruit white to currant red, sweet, good for eating, excellent for jelly and juice.
  • PIN CHERRY small oval tree, showy white flowers, reddish bark, orange fall color.
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN SANDCHERRY native shrub, showy white flowers, dark purple fruit is good for preserving.
  • ROMEO CHERRY (grows 6-8’) very flavorful, dark red fruit that is good for fresh eating and processing, self-pollinating, U. of Sask. intro.
  • VALENTINE CHERRY (grows 6-8’) a tart cherry for processing, most productive of the Sask. cherries, self-pollinating, fruit size 2-3 cm.
  • WHITE NANKING-(6’x6’) Showy white fruit ripe in mid-late July. Excellent for making jams, jellies, and wine. Self- pollinating variety.

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