• Goji Berry (6-8′) A fruit from Asia with amazing nutritional properties. Emerald foliage on vine-like branches. Star-shaped blooms appear in early summer, with bright orange fruit ripening in July. Fruit size is 2 cm.

Sun Part Shade

  • RUSSIAN CYPRESS  (18”x3-5’)  dwarf, densely branched evergreen that has a spreading growth form and cedar-like foliage. Grows well in both sun and shade.


  • JERSEY GIANT ASPARAGUS -High yielding plant that will produce large edible spears at an earlier age. Excellent flavor.
  • MILLENNIUM ASPARAGUS all male variety, high yields, comparable to Jersey Giant.
  • VIKING  ASPARAGUS all male variety with high yields and good disease resistance, very winter hardy.


  • MORDEN CONCORD GRAPE large blue grapes, good for eating, jelly and wine.
  • MORDEN GREEN GRAPE large green selection. Good for eating & wine.
  • VALIANT GRAPE excellent quality, large clusters of blue fruit; good for eating, wine, and jelly; ripens end of August.

Sun Part Shade

  • CANADA RED RHUBARB extremely hardy juicy and red throughout.
  • MACDONALD RHUBARB- Large stalks and very productive, MacDonald is a vigorous grower and resistant to wilt. It has excellent flavor, bright red color and tender skin. Great for pies, canning and freezing.
  • VALENTINE RHUBARB  bright red, sweet.

Gooseberries & Currants

( 3-5’ tall & wide)

  • CONSORT CURRANT large black berries, sweet.
  • PIXWELL GOOSEBERRY good yielder, large fruit.
  • HINNOMAKI GOOSEBERRY- Self-fertile. This gooseberry is very productive with dark red medium sized fruit on upright plants. It is a rounded, fruit bearing shrub with green, shallow lobed leaves in summer that turn red in autumn, with white flowers in spring. It is very adaptable with good mildew resistance. 3-4’ tall and wide.
  • RED LAKE CURRANT red berries, good quality.
  • THORNLESS GOOSEBERRY- Thornless and mildew resistant. Green fruit in summer. Red sweet fruit when ripe.
  • CURRANT ‘WHITE’ Flowers are a pale yellow-green, maturing into translucent berries with a pink to white hue or fully translucent with a greenish tinge. White currant berries are a bit smaller and sweeter than red currants. They are sometimes used to make jams and jellies.


  • CHESTER BLACKBERRY thornless, semi erect blackberry, good sized sweet fruit, should be planted in an area with good winter protection.


(plant 12-18” apart)

  • BLACK RASPBERRY large, sweet, firm, glossy black fruit, excellent for eating, jam and freezing.
  • BOYNE RASPBERRIES vigorous and productive, excellent large berry.
  • DOUBLE DELIGHT RASPBERRIES large fruit from mid-August to frost. Responds well to complete cane removal in fall; large fruit, sweet taste, upright plant exceeds 4′.
  • HONEYQUEEN RASPBERRIES ever bearing, large, yellow fruit, very sweet, excellent for eating and jam.
  • KILLARNEY RASPBERRIES- The hardiest raspberry we know of, disease-resistant and bears medium-sized, very bright red berries. Good flavor and freezing qualities. Ripens early and bears for 4-5 weeks. Recommended for colder climates. 4-5’ tall and 2-3’ wide.


(prefer acid soil)

  • BLUE CROP BLUEBERRIES -Midseason. Upright, vigorous, and very productive. Large and flavorful light blue fruit.
  • CHANDLER BLUEBERRIES- Firm, sweet, dark blue berries are exceptionally sized- the largest of all blueberry cultivars, producing for up to 6 weeks. Requires well-drained acidic soil. 4’ tall.
  • CHIPPEWA BLUEBERRIES compact grower with a mature height of 3’, berries are large and very light blue in color, its sweet taste makes it an excellent edible variety.
  • NORTH BLUE BLUEBERRIES  20-30” tall, large fruit, leaves turn bright red in fall, self-fruitful.
  • NORTH COUNTRY BLUEBERRIES large, productive, fruit is sweet and mild, partially self-fruitful.
  • NORTH SKY BLUEBERRIES this low grower is densely branched and bears small to medium-sized, sky blue colored fruit. Extremely cold hardy variety.
  • NORTHLAND BLUEBERRIES 3-4’ tall medium dark blue fruit with a wildberry flavor.
  • PATRIOT BLUEBERRIES- Fruit is large and firm. The berry is formed in tight clusters and is flatter than other cultivars. Ripens early. Excellent flavor. Bush is upright, open, and vigorous. 4’ tall.
  • POLARIS BLUEBERRIES – (4’) upright, spreading bush with medium-sized, light blue firm fruit; very cold hardy and excellent pollinizer for other varieties.


(4-5′ mature height)

  • BERRY BLUE/BLUE BELLE/CINDERELLA/SVETLANA/BOREALIS HONEYBERRY hardy shrub has white flowers followed by blue berries in early July. Berries have a blueberry-like flavor. Should be spaced 4-6′ apart.

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