Gooseberries & Currants

( 3-5’ tall & wide)

  • CONSORT CURRANT large black berries, sweet.
  • PIXWELL GOOSEBERRY good yielder, large fruit.
  • HINNOMAKI GOOSEBERRY- Self-fertile. This gooseberry is very productive with dark red medium sized fruit on upright plants. It is a rounded, fruit bearing shrub with green, shallow lobed leaves in summer that turn red in autumn, with white flowers in spring. It is very adaptable with good mildew resistance. 3-4’ tall and wide.
  • RED LAKE CURRANT red berries, good quality.
  • THORNLESS GOOSEBERRY- Thornless and mildew resistant. Green fruit in summer. Red sweet fruit when ripe.
  • CURRANT ‘WHITE’ Flowers are a pale yellow-green, maturing into translucent berries with a pink to white hue or fully translucent with a greenish tinge. White currant berries are a bit smaller and sweeter than red currants. They are sometimes used to make jams and jellies.

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