Explorer Series

  • ALEX MACKENZIE ROSE (5’x3′) double red fragrant flowers; blooms repeatedly summer to frost.
  • CAPTAIN SAMUEL HOLLAND ROSE (6’x5′) hardy, climbing rose with double red flowers, continuous bloomer.
  • CHAMPLAIN ROSE (2-3’x3′) velvety dark red flowers, shiny dark green foliage, ever blooming.
  • FRONTENAC ROSE (grows 2 ½ -3′).upright shrub rose with double; deep pink fragrant flowers; long blooming period.
  • GEORGE VANCOUVER ROSE (grows 2-3′) compact hardy shrub rose produces large clusters of red flowers; very disease resistant.
  • HENRY HUDSON ROSE (grows to 2′) double flowers are white with a pink tinge, fragrant, recurrent bloomer.
  • HENRY KELSEY ROSE (6’x5′) clusters of red flowers with a spicy fragrance, can be used as a climber.
  • J.P. CONNEL ROSE (grows 3-4′) lemony-yellow to creamy yellow when open, flowers in June, recurrent blooming the rest of the season.
  • JOHN CABOT ROSE (8’x6′) climbing rose, red double blooms, fragrant, very hardy repeat bloomer.
  • JOHN DAVIS ROSE (6’x6′) can be used as a climber; double medium pink flower; glossy leaves, blooms continuously; very disease resistant.
  • Roses-Explorer Series John FranklinJOHN FRANKLIN ROSE (3’x-4′) vibrant red blooms from summer to fall, disease resistant, fragrant.
  • MARIE VICTORIN ROSE (grows 3-4′) double peachy-pink flower with glossy green foliage; resistant to both mildew and black spot.
  • QUADRA ROSE (5’x3’) climbing dark red rose with full flowers; resistant to powdery mildew and blackspot.
  • ROYAL EDWARD ROSE (2’x2′) semi-double medium pink, low-spreading semi-miniature rose, free-blooming from June to frost, disease resistant.
  • WILLIAM BAFFIN ROSE (6’x5′) climbing double dark pink rose, extremely hardy, repeat bloomer.

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