Parkland Series

  • AMORETTE ROSE (P) (2’x2′) compact, semi-double dark pink-red blooms, red rose hips in fall.
  • ASSINIBOINE x CARDINETTE ROSE (P) (5’x3′).deep reddish pink blooms on upright shrub, well formed flowers.
  • CUTHBERT GRANT ROSE (P) (3’x2′) double deep dark velvety red blooms, good cut flower, fragrant.
  • HOPE FOR HUMANITY ROSE (P) (grows 3′) dbl, deep dark red flowers, named for the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Red Cross Society, slightly fragrant, ever-blooming.
  • MORDEN BELLE ROSE (3’x3′) medium pink double blooms, glossy green foliage, disease resistant.
  • MORDEN BLUSH ROSE (grows 2-3′) double blooms in a delicate ivory pink, slight fragrance, ever-blooming, an outstanding shrub.
  • MORDEN FIREGLOW ROSE (grows 2-3′) a unique ‘glowing’ shade of red, blooms repeatedly.
  • MORDEN RUBY ROSE (3’x2′) double, ruby-red flowers with lighter speckling on edges, repeat bloomer, sister to Adelaide Hoodless.
  • MORDEN SNOW BEAUTY ROSE (3’x3′) pink tinged buds open to masses of large pure white single flowers; ever-blooming.
  • MORDEN SUNRISE ROSE (grows 3’x3′) yellow with pink undertones, fruity fragrance, repeat bloomer.
  • PRAIRIE JOY ROSE (4’x3′) very attractive foliage with abundant bright pink double flowers, slight fragrance, resistant to rust, mildew, and black spot.
  • WINNIPEG PARKS ROSE (P) bright fuschia-red double rose, slightly fragrant, ever blooming, very attractive dark green foliage, (grows 2 ½ ‘ tall and wide).

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