New Plants


  • Fruit-Plum PipestoneWANETA PLUM-(10’ tall) large red, juicy sweet fruit in late July.
  • Fruit-Raspberry KillarneyKILLARNEY RASPBERRY- The hardiest raspberry we know of, disease-resistant and bears medium-sized, very bright red berries. Good flavor and freezing qualities. Ripens early and bears for 4-5 weeks. Recommended for colder climates. 4-5’ tall and 2-3’ wide.
  • Roses-Canadian Artist Series Bill Reid RoseBILL REID ROSE -(3’) The latest in the Canadian Artist Series. Yellow rose, compact plant with good disease resistance.
  • Roses-Canadian Artist Series CampfireCAMPFIRE ROSE -(3’) The latest in the Canadian Artist Rose Series. Tri-colored (pink, white, & yellow) flowers.
  • Shrubs-Barberry Aurea NanaAUREA NANA BARBERRY- (2’x2’) Intensely-colored golden leaves manage to hold their stunning attractiveness throughout the spring, summer and fall, turning deeper gold, then copper and finally deep red as the brilliant red berries appear.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABOBO HYDRANGEA – (2-3’) An adorable dwarf hydrangea flowering shrub. Full white flowers turn pink in fall. This hydrangea blooms on new wood.
  • Shrubs-Hydrangea Fire and IceFIRE& ICE HYDRANGEA -(8’x8’) This hybrid produces flower clusters that open cream, mature to pink by mid-summer, and deepen to burgundy red in late summer to fall.
  • Shrubs-Hydrangea Little LimeLITTLE LIME HYDRANGEA -(3-4’) A dwarf selection of Limelight. Green-white panicle flowers take on a pink hue in fall. Ideal for small gardens.
  • Shrubs-Mockorange SnowbelleSNOWBELLE MOCKORANGE-(3-4×3’) This small shrub is loaded with clusters of deeply fragrant double, pure white blossoms.
  • Shrubs-Ninebark Amber JubileeAMBER JUBILEE NINEBARK -(5-6’) New hybrid cross between Diablo and Dart’s Gold. Emerging foliage is orange. Purple fall color.
  • Shrubs-Ninebark Little DevilLITTLE DEVIL NINEBARK -(3-4’) A dwarf version of Diablo. Deep burgundy foliage.
  • GHOST WEIGELA-(4’) Buttery foliage becomes somewhat iridescent as summer heat comes. Dark, reddish-pink blooms.
  • Trees-Birch Prairie DreamPRAIRIE DREAM BIRCH -(60’x35’) A selection of paper birch with snow-white peeling bark and gold fall color. More adaptable and stress-tolerant than the species, less susceptible to birch borer attack.
  • Trees-Elm Prairie Expedition AmericanLORD SELKIRK SUGAR MAPLE-(40’x30’) A northern source of sugar maple with good adaptation to conditions in the southern prairies. Named in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Selkirk settlement.

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