15′-20′ mature height (plant in full sun)

  • BIG RIVER ROSYBLOOOM CRAB -(16’x6’) Tight pyramidal form. Uniform growth habit. Green bronze foliage, pink blooms, and purplish black fruit. Zone 2, extreme cold hardy variety.
  • COURAGEOUS ROSYBLOOOM CRAB-(16’x6’) A seedless, broad, upright crab with pink flowers.
  • FUSCHIA GIRL ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (20’x13’) deep purple foliage with reddish-purple flowers, followed by dark red fruit. Uniform growth habit.
  • GLADIATOR ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (20’x9’) an attractive rosybloom with glossy purple leaves, pink flowers, small purple ornamental fruit and an upright crown form. Excellent disease resistance.Gladiator Crab
  • KELSEY ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (20’x15’) flowers are double, bright purplish red, bronzy-green foliage; tree upright with slender branches. Manitoba Centennial tree 1970.
  • PINK SPIRES ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (16’x10’) reddish-purple foliage turns copper in fall, flowers are lavender pink, followed by small, purplish red fruit. A good choice for a confined area with its narrow upright form. Zone 2.
  • PURPLE SPIRE ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (15’x6’) columnar shape, compact, showy rose pink flowers, purple foliage.
  • Trees-Crabapple Radiant RosybloomRADIANT ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (16’x16’) deep pink blooms, very hardy, resists fire blight, excellent compact tree, foliage is purple to dark green.
  • RED SPLENDOR ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (20’x20’) reddish-purple leaves, open upright spreading form, rose-pink flowers, bright red fruit persists throughout the winter.
  • Trees-Crabapple Weeping RosyglowROSYGLOW WEEPING ROSYBLOOM-(9’) Foliage is dark bronze-green. Bright pink blossoms in early spring. Upright form with a weeping habit.
  • ROYALTY ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (16’x16’) outstanding deep dark leaves, which hold their color throughout the summer, deep pink flowers in spring, orange fall color.
  • ROYAL BEAUTY WEEPING ROSYBLOOM-(10’) A small weeping ornamental tree that has pink flowers in spring and purplish red foliage throughout the season. The size makes this a good choice for the today’s residential landscape or any main feature accent.
  • ROYAL SPLENDOR ROSYBLOOOM CRAB -(10’x12’) This is a semi-weeping, spreading, deciduous tree. Leaves are dark green, up to 3 inches long. Red buds produce pale pink blooms, fading to white as flowers mature. Followed by red fruit approximately the size of a cherry
  • SELKIRK ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (25’x20’) flowers are bright rose, glossy foliage, red at first then turning bronze-green, fruit bright scarlet red and remains very showy until severe frost.
  • FLOWERING CRAB SPRING SNOW (20’x15’) completely covered with white flowers and bright green, shiny foliage in the spring, very fragrant, no fruit.
  • THUNDERCHILD ROSYBLOOOM CRAB (20’x15’) an upright tree with deep purple leaves, compact, flowers pinkish red, tree resistant to fire blight. An award-winning variety.


  • PRAIRIE HORIZON ALDER -(30’x20’) An excellent tree for dry locations. Dark green foliage and purple catkins. Upright habit.

Topgrafted Standards

  • DAUB’S FROSTED JUNIPER-(4-5’) Soft-textured, blue-green foliage is accented by golden new growth.
  • DOUBLE FLOWERING PLUM (8’x6’) Showy pink blooms appear before the green foliage. Spreading, rounded crown.
  • GLOBE BLUE SPRUCE- (4-6’) Compact, rounded to mound shaped with beautiful blue foliage. Valuable as an accent or specimen plant.
  • LIMELIGHT HYDRANGEA TREEFORM (6’X3’) Upright rounded shrub with outstanding lime-green flowers. Flowers on new wood.
  • PRINCE OF WALES JUNIPER (3-4’) Dense forming mat about 4-6” high above standard stem. Medium bright green color.
  • WALKER WEEPING CARAGANA (5’X3’) Fine textured, light green foliage makes the plant look very graceful and elegant.


  • LAUREL LEAF WILLOW (35/40′) very shiny dark green leaves, greenish brown stems, excellent fast growing shade tree, extremely hardy.
  • PRAIRIE CASCADE WEEPING WILLOW  (25’)  dark green, glossy leaves, weeping habit, prefers moist soil, hardy.
  • PUSSY WILLOW (25/30′) showy white catkins in early spring, dark green leaves, reddish-brown branches.
  • SILKY WHITE WILLOW (40′) silver foliage with reddish brown stems, an excellent contrast tree.

Sun Part Shade

  • AMELANCHIER ‘AUTUMN BRILLIANCE SERVICEBERRY  (15-20’Hx12-15’W)  a small showy tree with pinkish-white flowers in spring and small edible, dark blue berries in summer. The leaves turn a brilliant red in the fall.


  • ASSINIBOINE POPLAR -(50’x16’) Seedless. Fairly narrow crown. Resistant to stem canker, leaf rust, and poplar gall mite.
  • PLAINS COTTONWOOD (80’x40′) a native selection; high headed, broad canopy; adapts to a wide variety of locations.
  • PRAIRIE SKY POPLAR  (40’x10′) a Morden Research introduction, this tree is compact and has a spire shape; excellent disease resistance; fast growing and seedless; great for hedge and shelterbelt planting.
  • SIOUXLAND POPLAR (50’x30′) large, rounded cottonless cottonwood.
  • SKYFEST POPLAR  (80’x30’)  a male Cottonwood with high disease resistance, vigor, and upright growth form. (zone 2)
  • SUNDANCER POPLAR (40’x10′) New poplar that is resistant to bronze leaf disease.  Columnar shape.  Hardy to zone 2


  • MUCKLE PLUM  (12’x10”)  small tree has showy bright pink flowers in spring, with no fruit. In fall, the foliage turns an orange-red color. (zone 3)


  • MOUNTAIN FROST PEAR  (20’X16’)  glossy dark green foliage covered in lightly fragrant white blooms in spring. This tree has an upright compact shape, will on occasion, produce small ornamental ½” fruit in late summer.
  • USSURIAN PEAR  for pollination, also a good ornamental tree with showy white flowers.
  • PRAIRIE GEM PEAR  (16’x16’)  compact, rounded form with dark green, glossy leaves. This tree is covered in white blossoms in spring, rarely produces fruit.

Russian Olive

  • (20’x15′) silvery leaves, small yellow, very fragrant flowers in spring followed by small olive green berries, an outstanding, hardy tree.


  • (15’x10′) oval shaped tree with reddish bark and white flowers; edible red berries; orange leaves in fall.

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