• žAMUR CHOKECHERRY (25’x20′) white flowers in spring, followed by black fruit, usually eaten by the birds before fully ripened, bronze metallic colored bark has excellent winter effect.
  • Trees-Chokecherry Goldspur AmurGOLDSPUR AMUR CHOKECHERRY  (15’x10’)  a dwarf selection of Amur Cherry with controlled growth and unique tufts of dark green foliage.
  • Trees-Chokecherry Goldrush AmurGOLDRUSH CHOKECHERRY -(20’x26’). Selected for its improved resistance to frost cracking. Attractive coppery-orange bark that flakes as the plant matures. Dark green foliage turns yellow in fall. White clustered flowers in spring are followed by berries. Attracts birds.

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