Tree Lilac

  • COPPER CURLS TREE LILAC- (20’x5’). Showy coppery-orange, exfoliating bark and large, abundantly produced, creamy-white flower panicles. Attractive seed heads add winter interest.
  • GOLDEN ECLIPSE TREE LILAC (20’x15′) golden yellow and green variegated foliage, creamy white fragrant flowers.
  • JAPANESE TREE LILAC (20’x20′) large creamy white fragrant flowers, blooms in late June- early July.
  • JAPANESE TREE LILAC Ivory Silk (20’x15′) similar to Japanese Tree Lilac with a more compact, oval growth habit.
  • SNOWDANCE TREE LILAC -(18’x20’). Large, fragrant panicles of creamy white blooms in June. Sterile variety produces no untidy, brown seed heads. Dark green foliage is slightly larger and darker than the species.

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