• BLUE FOX WILLOW-(3’X3’) Dwarf shrub with intense blue-grey foliage.
  • DWARF ARCTIC BLUE LEAF WILLOW-(3’x4’) Unusual blue, fine textured foliage. Twigs turn purple in winter.
  • FLAME WILLOW -(13’x10’) Bright orange-red branches. Foliage is golden in fall.
  • FLAMINGO WILLOW – (3’x4’) This rounded, spreading shrub produces beautiful pink variegated foliage all season long. In the spring, before it leafs out, hundreds of slender catkins are produced.


  • SNOW DAY SURPRISE PEARL BUSH – (3-4’) Large white blooms cover this plant in a flood of spring flowers. This strong grower has a neat, compact habit and is an excellent plant for the spring landscape.


  • BAILEY COMPACT AMUR MAPLE -(8’x8’) Finer branched, more compact form of Amur Maple with fragrant flowers and terrific orange-scarlet fall color. Dense, compact, rounded shape.

Coral Berry

  • AMETHYST CORAL BERRY -(4’x3’) Vivid deep purple-pink late summer fruit. Good branching habit with blue-green foliage.


  • ROYAL STAR – Medium sized shrub has a compact, rounded form; produces fragrant white flowers with strap-like petals in spring. (zone4)


  • EMERALD ‘N GOLD EUONYMUS – Deep green leaves edged with pure gold; Develops into a dense shrub that is low-spreading. (zone4)
  • EMERALD GAIETY EUONYMUS -(2’) The evergreen foliage is deep green with an irregular white margin which can take on a pink tinge for the winter. Low-growing, irregular growth habit.


  • YUCCA GLAUCA (1½’ tall and wide) narrow, stiff evergreen leaves, spikes of greenish white flowers in summer; low grower; accent plant; prefers sunny, well-drained site.

Sun Part Shade

  • CENTENNIAL WEIGELA (5′ tall, 3′ wide); bright pink, trumpet shaped flowers in spring.
  • CARNIVAL WEIGELA -(4’x3’) Showy pink white and red flowers. Bright green foliage. (Zone 4).
  • GHOST WEIGELA -(4’) Buttery foliage becomes somewhat iridescent as summer heat comes. Dark, reddish-pink blooms.
  • JAVA RED WEIGELA -(3’x4’) Compact mounded form with deep green foliage flushed with red all season long. Flowers buds are red, opening to dark pink flowers in May and June. (Zone 4).
  • MIDNITE WINE WEIGELA (18” tall, 2′ wide); dwarf form of ‘Wine and Roses’, burgundy foliage, rosy-pink flowers. (zone 4)
  • MINUET WEIGELA (2½’ tall, 2-3′ wide) dwarf compact, rounded, purple/red flowers, foliage is green with purple tint.
  • MY MONET WEIGELA exciting new variety with green, pink and cream foliage, and rich pink flowers. Ht. 12” x 12” (zone 4)
  • POLKA WEIGELA -(3’x4’) Attractive clear pink flowers. Profuse bloomer. Compact grower with thick, dark green leaves.
  • Shrubs-Weigela Red PrinceRED PRINCE WEIGELA (4′ tall, 4′ wide); bright red, trumpet shaped flowers in spring, should be planted in a protected area.
  • Shrubs-Weigela RumbaRUMBA WEIGELA (3′ tall, 3′ wide); compact shrub, dark red flowers from June to September; foliage is green with a bronzy-purple tinge.
  • TANGO WEIGELA -(2-2½’) Compact bushy habit with standout purple foliage. Red flowers with a yellow throat. Zone 4. Plant in a sheltered spot.
  • WINE AND ROSES WEIGELA (4’tall, 4’wide) Rosy pink flowers, burgundy purple foliage, great contrast! (zone 4)

Sun Part Shade Shade

  • BLUE MUFFIN VIBURNUM  (3’x3′) compact, produces masses of white flowers in late spring, blue berries in fall, reddish fall foliage.
  • Shrubs-Viburnum Dwarf European CranberryDWARF EUROPEAN CRANBERRY (1-1½ ft. tall & wide) dense dark green foliage, compact shape.
  • DWARF AMERICAN CRANBERRY (3-4′ tall and wide) – compact shrub with brilliant red fall color, shade tolerant.
  • EMERALD TRIUMPH WAYFARING TREE-(5-6’ tall and wide) More compact, rounded habit than Wayfaring tree. Creamy, flat-topped flowers in spring. Red-black fruit in fall.
  • GARRY PINK VIBURNUM (8’x5′) clusters of pink flowers in June followed by bright red berries; intense fall color.
  • HIGHBUSH CRANBERRY (10’x6′) very hardy beautiful shrub with white flower clusters, followed by clusters of red, edible berries; dark green lobed leaves, attractive fall color.
  • MOHICAN VIBURNUM (6’x6′) compact form of the Wayfaring Tree.
  • NANNYBERRY (10’x8′) attractive native shrub with white flowers, edible black berries, and green foliage turns purplish red in the fall; can be pruned to form a small tree.
  • Shrubs-Viburnum OnandagaONANDAGA VIBURNUM (5’x5′) globe shape shrub with purple-tinged green leaves; unique purple/red and white flower clusters.
  • REDWING CRANBERRY-(8’) Upright, rounded shrub with white flowers. Ornamental clusters of bright red fruit from late fall through early winter. A heavy producer.
  • SNOWBALL VIBURNUM (8’x6′) most known for its showy snowball-like white flower clusters in June; dark green leaves often turn a deep red in fall, can be trimmed into tree form.
  • VARIEGATED WAYFARING TREE-(8’x8’) One of the most unique accent shrubs. The coarse fuzzy foliage of this selection is mottled in white. White capped-flowers produce red fruit that quickly fades to black. Shrubby habit.
  • WAYFARING TREE (6’x5′) large white flowers; berries change from red to black; large dark green leaves often turn purple in the fall; this is a tough, low maintenance shrub.
  • WENTWORTH CRANBERRY-(10’) Heavy fruiting selection. Large red fruit is good for making preserves.

Sun Part Shade Shade

  • PINK CASCADE TAMARISK (3-5’x3-5’)  this beautiful shrub produces rosy flower spikes for over a month in summer. The fine textured foliage grows in an upright spreading form.
  • SUMMER GLOW TAMARISK -(12’x9’) A stunning shrub for textural effect. Featuring extremely fine and wispy foliage and fuzzy rosy pink flowers throughout summer. Very vigorous, loose and open; extremely tolerant of dry, alkaline or salty soils.

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