Biocare Gnat Stix



The BioCare® Gnat Stix are the single most effective treatment for fungus gnats in house plants! Simple, easy to use sticky traps kill adult flies for months as they emerge from the soil. Controls even the worst infestations without toxic pesticides.

FOR GNATS AND OTHER SMALL BUGS ON HOUSE PLANTS Use for non-toxic control of fungus gnats, aphids, plant lice and other small insects infesting house plants. The insects are attracted to the bright yellow sticky traps, where they meet a sticky end. Effective for even the worst infestations of fungus gnats. Use one Gnat Stix for each infested plant and for all other plants in the same room and in nearby rooms. AVOID TOUCHING LEAVES WITH THE STICKY PAPER. IN CASE OF CONTACT, GLUE CAN BE REMOVED WITH VEGETABLE OIL. RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR USE.