CN363A, Honey Select Corn, West Coast Seeds




Recent conventional corn breeding has produced this outstanding triplesweet with two types of kernels on each cob: 75% sugary enhanced (SE), and 25% super sweet (sh2). A winner of the All-America Selections award, Honey Select corn seeds were bred for the home gardener, and the plants do not require isolation from other varieties to produce their fantastic flavour. This is the sweetest variety for the home grower. The combination of hybrid kernels means excellent flavour is matched by a long harvest window and good keeping after harvest. The tender, sweet ears average 20-23cm (8-9″) long.

Matures in 79 days. (triplesweet hybrid seeds)

Size: 10g (approx. 50 seeds)

Quick Facts:

    • Triplesweet
    • Doesn’t need isolation from other varieties
    • 22cm (9″) long ears, 18-20 rows
    • AAS winner
    • Matures in 79 days