Mosquiron Mosquito Control 10 pack



The mosquito that grows in standing water closest to you is the most likely to bite you. Look for water and mosquito larvae on your property and apply.

To control mosquitoes before they emerge as biting adults, apply to mosquito larval habitats. The active ingredient is novaluron which prevents the development of mosquito immature stages (wrigglers) and inhibits the successful emergence of biting adults.

Mosquiron treated water will not harm pets, livestock, birds, fish or other wildlife.

For surface water such as woodlot and grass pools and ornamental ponds, apply 15 to 30 pellets to 1 square metre of water surface area and 15cm deep. For a typical bird bath or small flower pot with 10 litres of water or less apply 1 to 2 pellets.

Retreat after 90 days if necessary.