Mosquito-less Natural Garlic Oil Insect Repellent



Mosquitoes are 10,000 times more sensitive to garlic than humans. Their life-cycle normally takes place over a number of weeks and within an area 100 sq yds. Once they leave the area they do not prefer returning. Just spray Mosquito-Less on your property, trees, shrubs, gardens, lawn, fences, out buildings and low areas. In minutes after this ready-to-use natural garlic oil product is sprayed, mosquitoes will leave. They are gone for up to 4 weeks. No need to worry about a lingering smell of garlic. The odour will dissipate in 4-5 hours.

Mosquito-Less Concentrate
There is little mixing required and it can be applied with hose end sprayer or standard garden pump sprayer. Apply at a rate of 6 ml per litre of water, or greater, with adjustable hose sprayer set on #6 or standard garden pump sprayer.