Sun Part Shade


  • Evergreen-Juniper AndorraANDORRA JUNIPER (2′x5′) gray green foliage turns purple in the fall, low spreading, tolerates light shade
  • Evergreen-Juniper ArcadiaARCADIA JUNIPER-(2’x5’) Semi-spreading, lacy foliage, grassy green color remains through winter.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Bar HarbourBAR HARBOUR JUNIPER– (10”x5’)bright silvery blue foliage in spring, turning a plum colored tinge in fall. Its extremely low growing nature makes it ideal as a groundcover or spilling over walls.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Blue ChipBLUE CHIP JUNIPER (1′x5′) compact ground cover, steel-blue foliage retains color all year.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Blue DanubeBLUE DANUBE JUNIPER     (2′x4′”) semi-upright with blue green foliage.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Blue ForestBLUE FOREST JUNIPER(1′x3′) low growing, compact form; useful in smaller spaces.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Blue PrinceBLUE PRINCE JUNIPER (6”x5′) rich powdery blue foliage, great contrasting ground cover.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Blue RugBLUE RUG JUNIPER 4-6” tall, 3-5′ spread, dense mat of blue foliage; full/part sun.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Blue StarBLUE STAR JUNIPER 2′ tall, mounded, bright, steel blue foliage, slow growing, full/part sun.
  • Evergreen-Juniper BroadmoorBROADMOOR JUNIPER  (1′x5′) dense, mounding juniper; bright green.
  • Evergreen-Juniper BuffaloBUFFALO JUNIPER -(1’x5’) Bright green foliage with dense spreading form. Heavy producer of juniper berries.
  • Evergreen-Junuiper Calgary CarpetCALGARY CARPET  JUNIPER (8-12”x5′) very soft green carpet, prefers drier soil.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Daub's FrostedDAUB’S FROSTED JUNIPER  Blue-green foliage, tips frosted with gold. Growth habit is low and spreading, very unique looking.
  • EFFUSA JUNIPER-(1’x5’) Hardy, low growing evergreen with wide spreading branches. Deep green, silvery-banded foliage is held on reddish stems. Tolerates heat and poor soils. Excellent groundcover.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Gold CoastGOLD COAST JUNIPER-(30”x5’) Moderate growing compact evergreen with graceful branching. Lacy golden foliage with green inside all year round, color deepens in winter. One of the showiest of all spreaders.
  • GOLDEN PFITZER JUNIPER-(3’x5’) Medium height spreader, gray-green foliage, new growth tips golden yellow.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Gold StarGOLD STAR JUNIPER-(2’x5’) A compact version of Golden Pfitzer. Slower growth rate provides a more uniform shape.
  • Evergreen-Juniper HolgerHOLGER JUNIPER-(3′x4’) Densely branched spreading variety. Blue-green foliage with striking yellow new growth.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Icee BlueICEE BLUE JUNIPER  (4”x5’)  great groundcover with a full, dense crown of silver-blue foliage, great winter color.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Mint JulepMINT JULEP JUNIPER-(4’x5’) Compact evergreen shrub with fountain-like branching habit. Rich mint green foliage all year.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Moor-denseMOOR-DENSE JUNIPER  bright green foliage on this very low growing variety. Ideal for rock gardens and cascading over walls and planters.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Old GoldOLD GOLD JUNIPER (2′x5′) best of the golden spreaders; excellent winter color.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Prince of WalesPRINCE OF WALES JUNIPER (4-6”x5′) dense dark green ground cover, often has purplish tint in winter.
  • Evergreen-Juniper SavinSAVIN JUNIPER – (3-4′) – vase shaped with dark green foliage.
  • Evergreen-Juniper ScandiaSCANDIA JUNIPER (2′x5′) low; compact; soft, dark green foliage.
  • Evergreen-Juniper Sea GreenSEA GREEN JUNIPER-(3’x5’) Compact upward arching branches (fountain appearance) mint green color.
  • Evergreen-JuniperTamariscifoliaTAMARISCIFOLIA JUNIPER(18-24”x5′) tightly branched, blue green color, low spreading.

Upright Sun

  • Evergreen-Upright Juniper Blue ArrowBLUE ARROW JUNIPER (10′ tall, 2′ wide) dense pyramidal form, blue color.
  • Evergreen-Upright Juniper MedoraMEDORA JUNIPER(12′x3′) slender, upright, steel blue foliage; slow growing.
  • Evergreen-Upright Juniper MoonglowMOONGLOW JUNIPER (12-15′x6′) silvery blue pyramidal shape; very dense and drought tolerant once established.
  • Evergreen-Upright Juniper SkyrocketSKY ROCKET JUNIPER-(16’x3’) Narrow upright growth habit. Soft bluish-green foliage. Possibly the narrowest of all junipers.
  • Evergreen-Upright Juniper Wichita BlueWICHITA BLUE JUNIPER (10′x5′) broad pyramidal form, light blue foliage.

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