Sun Part Shade

  • AMBER JUBILEE NINEBARK-(5-6’) New hybrid cross between Diablo and Dart’s Gold. Emerging foliage is orange. Purple fall color.
  • CENTER GLOW NINEBARK  (5-6′ tall and wide) similar to ‘Diabolo’ except the red color is brighter and the new leaves emerge a glowing yellow-green; creamy-white flowers in spring.
  • COPPERTINA NINEBARK  (5-6’ tall and wide)  a cross between Dart’s Gold and Diabolo Ninebark which results in a full shrub with orange-copper foliage in spring turning to a vibrant red through summer. White flowres in spring are followed by attractive red seed capsules in the fall.
  • Shrubs-Ninebark Dart's GoldDARTS GOLD NINEBARK (5-6′ tall and wide) clusters of creamy white flowers, bright yellow foliage; an excellent contrast shrub.
  • DIABOLO NINEBARK (5-6′ tall and wide) dark purple foliage with white flowers in early spring.
  • LITTLE DEVIL NINEBARK -(3-4’) A dwarf version of Diablo. Deep burgundy foliage. Little Devil Ninebark
  • NUGGET NINEBARK -(8×6’) Dense, bushy shrub. Lime-green foliage.
  • SUMMERWINE NINEBARK (4-5′ tall and wide) dark crimson-red foliage, pinkish-white blooms; dense shrub with compact branching.Summerwine Ninebark 2