Sun Part Shade

  • AMUR MAPLE (15’x12′) single or multi-stemmed, this shrub can be pruned to form a small tree, kept smaller as a shrub, or planted as a hedge; small dark green maple leaves turn yellow to bright red in the fall; extremely hardy xeriscape plant.
  • AMUR MAPLE ‘FLAME’  fiery red fall color; (15’x15′); can be used as either tree or shrub form.
  • AUTUMN BLAZE MAPLE (45’x45′) orange-red fall color, drought tolerant, adapts to most soils, (zone  4).
  • AUTUMN SPIRE RED MAPLE-(40’x25’) A seedless cultivar from the University of Minnesota. Outstanding red fall color in mid-September. Prefers acidic soils. Soil amendment required in regions with high ph.
  • COLUMNAR NORWAY MAPLE – (50’X15’) columnar form, dark green foliage changes to a nice yellow in fall; disease and pest resistant.
  • Trees-Maple Crimson KingCRIMSON KING MAPLE (40’x35’) A broad-crowned, densely foliaged tree with deep purple foliage that turns to a maroon or red-bronze in fall. Plant in a protected area.    (zone 4)
  • LORD SELKIRK SUGAR MAPLE -(40’x30’) A northern source of sugar maple with good adaptation to conditions in the southern prairies. Named in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Selkirk settlement.
  • MANITOBA MAPLE-(40’x30’) Fast growing and hardy deciduous tree that can flourish on many inhospitable sites. This large tree is one of the best climbing and tree house species available. It is also an excellent tree for rural shelterbelts.
  • NORWAY MAPLE – (50’x50’) Well adapted to the extremes of urban conditions. Rounded crown is quite dense, with lustrous dark green foliage.
  • SIENNA GLEN MAPLE  (60’x40’)  Upright, pyramidal crown, medium green foliage, deep burgundy color in fall. Vigorous and hardy.
  • SILVER CLOUD MAPLE  (50’x30′) male selection, upright crown, symmetrical branching; fast growing shade tree.
  • SILVER MAPLE (50’x30′) fast growing, large maple leaves turn a brilliant yellow in the fall, very hardy and beautiful shade tree.
  • TATARIAN MAPLE  (20’X20′) similar foliage to Amur; orange-red fall color; drought and alkali tolerant.
  • TATARIAN MAPLE  “HOT WINGS”  (20×15’)  small yellow flowers followed by bright red samaras.
  • UNITY SUGAR MAPLE  (30’x20′) Clonal selection of Canada’s national tree, yellow/orange/red fall color; upright rounded shape.

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