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  • ANNABELLE HYDRANGEA  (3’x3′)  very large, showy white flowers from mid-summer to early fall, also good for drying; shade tolerant.
  • BELLA ANNA HYDRANGEA-(3-4’) Produces large, pink mophead flowers from early summer through fall.
  • BLUSHING BRIDE HYDRANGEA  (3’x4’)  6” pure white blooms that mature to a light pink blush.
  • BOBO HYDRANGEA- (2-3’) An adorable dwarf hydrangea flowering shrub. Full white flowers turn pink in fall. This hydrangea blooms on new wood.Bobo Hydrangea
  • BOMBSHELL HYDRANGEA-(2 ½’x3’) Profuse flowering all summer long. Densely formed, very tidy plant.
  • ENDLESS SUMMER HYDRANGEA (4’x4′) blooms on old and new wood, blooms pink in alkaline, blue in acidic soil. (zone 4)
  • FIRE& ICE HYDRANGEA-(8’x8’) This hybrid produces flower clusters that open cream, mature to pink by mid-summer, and deepen to burgundy red in late summer to fall.
  • INVINCIBELLE SPIRIT HYDRANGEA-(3-4’ tall and wide). Very hardy and reliable. Brilliant pink flowers on new wood. Strong, sturdy stems and dark green foliage.
  • KYUSHU HYDRANGEA (3’X3′) dark glossy green leaves, large open panicles of white flowers in late summer.
  • LIMELIGHT HYDRANGEA  (4’x3′)  unique bright green blooms in mid-summer, turning pure white, then shades of pink in the fall.Limelight Hydrangea 2Limelight Hydrangea
  • LET’S DANCE MOONLIGHT HYDRANGEA-(3’x3’) Flowers on old and new wood. Pink to blue blooms. (Zone 4).
  • LET’S DANCE STARLIGHT HYDRANGEA-(3’x3’)- Re-blooming lacecap. White, large blooms. Sturdy, durable plant. (Zone4).
  • LITTLE LAMB HYDRANGEA  (3’x3’)  This is a wonderful new selection for smaller gardens and tight spots. The flowers come in delicate white masses and can be depended on year after year in Northern gardens. This also does well as a cut flower, fresh or dried.
  • LITTLE LIME HYDRANGEA-(3-4’) A dwarf selection of Limelight. Green-white panicle flowers take on a pink hue in fall. Ideal for small gardens.
  • PINKY WINKY HYDRANGEA(5-6’ tall & wide)  this plant is truly amazing because of its hardiness and its vigorous flower production. Blooms are often 10” long and cover the plant all over. Use as a specimen plant or for a stunning hedge.
  • QUICK FIRE HYDRANGEA(4-5’ tall & wide) This hydrangea flowers a month sooner than other varieties. The creamy flowers change to dark pink.quickfire hydrangea
  • TWIST-N-SHOUT  HYDRANGEA– (3’x3’) an extraordinary re-blooming lace cap hydrangea from the Endless Summer Collection; Lacy deep-pink centers are surrounded by gorgeous blossoms of pink or periwinkle blue on both old and new wood all summer long, depending on soil type. Sturdy red stems and glossy deep green leaves turn red-burgundy in fall. (zone4)
  • INCREDIBALL  HYDRANGEA– (3’x3’) This new and improved Version of Annabelle comes with improved stem strength and massive blooms. Each bloom has on average 4x the petal count of Annabelle, and is held up proudly even after the rain. This wonderful new introduction is sure to remain a top-seller for years.
  • VANILLA STRAWBERRY  HYDRANGEA– (3’x3’) The enormous flower panicles are a blend of vanilla and strawberry, held upright on red stems. (zone4)

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