Sun Part Shade

  • BRIDAL WREATH SPIREA -(7’x5’)- Long arching branches covered in masses of pure white flowers. Blooms June and July.
  • DAKOTA GOLDCHARM SPIREA -(18”x2-3’) Very dwarf, gold leafed. New leaves are a light bronze color before turning yellowish-gold. Bright pink flowers.
  • Shrubs-Spirea Dart's RedDART’S RED SPIREA -(2 ½’x3’) Compact shrub. Flowers are deep carmine red and fade to deep pink. Deep green foliage.
  • DOUBLE PLAY ARTIST SPIREA -(2½’) Blue-green foliage that emerges as rich purple in the spring. Rich pink flowers. Compact mounded
  • DWARF RED SPIREA (30” x 36-48”) rich crimson flowers on compact dwarf shrub, sun or part shade.
  • FIRE LIGHT SPIREA -(2-3’) Compact form and rich orange foliage. Pink blooms.
  • FLAMING MOUND SPIREA -(2’x2’) Golden bronze foliage with hints of red. Bright red-orange fall color. Deep pink flowers.
  • FRITSCHIANA SPIREA (3′ x 4′) large dark green leaves, large clusters of white blooms in late spring, leaves turn reddish-purple in fall; compact size.
  • FROEBEL SPIREA (4’x4′) wide; pink flowers, green foliage with red tips, drought tolerant.
  • GOLDEN ELF – (6-8” x 18-24”) yellow leaves that retain their color all season; very dwarf with a spreading habit; great for rock gardens; pink blooms.
  • GOLDEN PRINCESS-(2’x3’) New foliage emerges a red-bronze and matures to a bright yellow in summer. Beautiful, bright-pink flowers in early summer cover this compact low grower. It develops a nice red-cast fall color. This bushy, low mounded, compact grower likes full sun and attracts butterflies.
  • Shrubs-Spirea GoldflameGOLDFLAME SPIREA (30” x 30”) reddish gold leaves in spring, golden leaves with red flowers in summer, red fall color.
  • GOLDMOUND SPIREA (18”x30”)  dwarf, pink flowers with gold foliage throughout the summer.
  • HALWARD’S SILVER-(2-3’ tall and wide) Compact, dark green foliage. Profuse bloomer. White flowers.
  • LITTLE PRINCESS SPIREA (2′ x 2-3′) dwarf compact mound with rose colored flowers, red fall color.
  • MAGIC CARPET SPIREA (2’x2′) clusters of pink flowers late spring to early summer; miniature variety with shades of red and yellow foliage, good fall color.
  • MELLOW YELLOW SPIREA -(4’x4’) Thin, loose branches covered in white flowers in spring. Attractive lemon-yellow foliage all season long. Very fine textured and refined, forms a compact rounded ball; a great color accent for the shrub border.
  • MINI SUNGLO SPIREA -(12-15”x2’) Brilliant yellow leaf color, pink clusters of flowers. Dense and dwarf.
  • NEON FLASH SPIREA (3’X3′) purple tinged foliage in spring, bright red flowers in summer; leaves turn rich purple in fall.
  • PINK PARASOLS SPIREA -(3’x3’) Big pink fluffy blooms. Green foliage turning orange-red in fall.
  • SHIROBANA SPIREA (3′ x 3′) both pink and white flowers appear on the same plant.
  • SNOW STORM SPIREA -(3½ ’) Massive white domes of blooms. Large, soft green leaves. Blooms June and July. Purple-red fall color.
  • SNOWMOUND SPIREA (3½’ x3½’) compact shrub with prolific white flowers along arching stems in June.
  • SNOWHITE SPIREA (5’x5′); bridal wreath, dainty white flower clusters on arching branches.
  • SPARKLING CARPET SPIREA – (6-10”x15-18”) a fine-textured, small spreading shrub with lime-gold leaves. Foliage is bronze-red when young, turning mahogany-red in fall. Looks like tiny version of ‘Gold Flame”; pink flowers in summer.
  • TOR BIRCH LEAF SPIREA -(2’x3’) Rounded leaves and compact mounding form. Flat clusters of white flowers in summer. Green foliage.

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