Water Gardening

Whether it be a reflecting pond, a flowing waterfall, or a unique water container on your deck, water features can animate and transform a landscape or garden corner with movement and sound or with stillness and reflection. The flexibility of design and style has no limitations and can be accommodated by any yard. Above all they create settings for new and beautiful plants.

Some of the water plants we carry:

  • Hardy Water Lilies
    red, white, pink and yellow
  • Floating plants
    Water Hyacinth
    Water Lettuce
    Parrot’s Feather
  • Oxygenating plants
  • Beautiful shallow water plants
    (hardy and tropical)
    Water Iris
    Corkscrew Rush
    Marsh Marigold
    Canna Lilies
    Umbrella PalmPlus many more varieties!

We also carry:

  • Melantho Snails
  • Pond Lights
  • Filter Systems
  • Microbe Lift
  • Plant Fertilizers
  • Water Fountains & Spitters
  • All sizes of pumps with replacement parts