• CRIMSON FROST BIRCH-(40’x25’) An amazing hybrid of birch with deep purple foliage which emerges burgundy in spring and turns an outstanding burgundy in the fall. The peeling white bark is extremely showy and adds significant winter interest. Has a loose, open habit and fine, slightly pendulous branches.
  • CUTLEAF WEEPING BIRCH (40’x25′) one of the most graceful weeping specimens available, fine cut leaves and arching branches.
  • DAKOTA PINNACLE BIRCH  (30’x10’)  compact upright form, bark whitens with age, alkali tolerant.  The dark green foliage turns yellow in the fall.
  • PARKLAND PILLAR BIRCH (30’x9′) A columnar Asian white birch with dark green foliage which turns golden yellow in the fall.  Features attractive white bark throughout the year.
  • PRAIRIE DREAM BIRCH -(60’x35’) A selection of paper birch with snow-white peeling bark and gold fall color. More adaptable and stress-tolerant than the species, less susceptible to birch borer attack.
  • ROYAL FROST BIRCH-(30-40’x15-20’) Burgundy-red foliage, beautiful white bark is resistant to bronze birch borer.
  • SILVER PAPER BIRCH (40’x30′) fast growing, white bark, golden fall color; available in single stem and clump form.
  • YOUNG’S WEEPING BIRCH (15’x13′) compact form with no central leader, easily pruned, white exfoliating bark.

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