Mountain Ash

  • AMERICAN MOUNTAIN ASH (20’x15′) a rounded shape, large clusters of white flowers, red berries in the fall, dark green foliage turns yellow-orange in the fall, sturdy tree.
  • BLACKHAWK MOUNTAIN ASH (26’X20’)  a strong columnar form that lends itself to smaller space. Dark green foliage turns flaming red in fall, white blooms followed by orange fruit.
  • EUROPEAN MOUNTAIN ASH (25’x20′) an upright oval shape, creamy white flowers, bright orange berries in fall, dark green foliage followed by orange-red colors in fall.
  • OAK LEAF MOUNTAIN ASH  (25’x16’)  dark green foliage is similar to the Oak, but turns orangey red in the fall. Creamy white flowers in spring are followed by orange red fruit in fall. This is a compact tree with a uniform growth habit. High resistance to fireblight.
  • RUSSIAN MOUNTAIN ASH (25’x20′) selection of European, dark green leaves, deeper serrated leaves, dense crown.
  • SHOWY MOUNTAIN ASH (25’x20′) very similar to American Mountain ash with slightly shorter mature height; slower growing, very hardy.

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